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We produce the highest quality virtual and scale 3d solutions, mainly for, but not limited to, the architectural and engineering fields. From high-resolution virtual graphic visualisations and feasability testing to scale 3D printed, lasercut and engraved physical and prototype models. In addtion, we offer the following bureau services: Laser-cutting, laser-engraving and 3d printing.
We can create realistic 3D virtual models of your architectural work with focus on external and internal photo real stills. Modelled from scratch, using your CAD drawings or preliminary sketches, our work is of the highest quality, suitable for photo montage or animated fly through projects. Levels of details can be chosen by you so that each model fits your budget and client constraints, from basic mass modelling, sun and impact studies to advertising quality detail renderings. Use our imagery on billboards, flyers and advertising brochures or web based media. Utilise our experience and methods to market and sell your creation or products.

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