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The idea behind evoDEV which is to offer excellent quality design, web development and software development work at very competitive rates, was made a reality by Ewan van Wyk. evoDEV was founded in August 2008 by Ewan, who then had over ten years experience in the IT - and more specifically web arena. He made the decision to break away from a cushy job and start developing his idea of putting his extensive IT and corporate experience to good use - for himself and his clients.

Like in so many other industries, building up a network of contacts is very important and in many cases these contacts will later become business partners or they can assist in creating something new and fresh. What we have created is definitely not new, definitely fresh but most importantly we strive to deliver the best in what we do. What sets us apart is the fact that we work together as a team of experienced freelance specialists, each in their own area, to develop solutions that will adhere to current technology standards for optimal return on investment. The best part about this is that we can do this at a fraction of the price compared to some companies who need to structure there pricing to cover big overheads.

Our vision for the future is to be a full service IT/Web solutions provider, helping companies and individuals to optimise their benefit from their IT investments. Like in so many other industries there are people/companies that are only in it for the buck and we believe that you get what you pay for. There are so many people offering solutions, like websites, for almost next to nothing, but in the end, that is what you will get. Just having a website is not enough anymore...but that also depends on how serious you are about promoting your business, yourself or your products. With the web becoming a huge marketing tool together with Search Engine Listings and the new Web 2.0 technologies, having the right standards-compliant website is everything. The great thing is that we believe you do not have to give up "great looks" to achieve this and with our experience and passion you will end up with a best looking and best performing solution. We develop sites that are optimised for the Web 2.0 platform - for better search engine promotion and ranking.

Ultimately, we believe in building solid relationships with the people we do business with, and most importantly we strive to exceed their expectations.

The Future - The Web

Rich Internet/Web Applications that have the features and functionality of traditional desktop applications but with more benefits and better ROI, are becoming more and more the choice of companies for developing business applications. Web developers will need to constantly evolve with the technology to develop strong technical skills that also complement good design practices.

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